Corporate Services

Please book in advance. For small and large teams, we come to you. Practical therapeutic or relaxation massage for the neck, shoulders and arms at your desk or in your meeting room. Helps with posture, tension, sore shoulders and necks, and other ailments of busy people in modern workplaces.  ( Servicing area: Wellington City Centre)

Prices per person:

15 minutes     $40
20 minutes     $50
25 minutes     $60  (head, neck and shoulders)
Talk to us about a group discount.
To make a booking: 04 802 5227
                                      022 310 8867
Workplace wellbeing is of benefit to employers and employees alike and finding a balance can pay dividends for your organisation, says Management Today. A quick, regular tune-up by a trained masseuse can pay dividends.
In a recent article, the website suggests a strategy that includes support for your team: 
"As well as investing in career development, be specific about how you are going to improve wellbeing. Offer sessions in mindfulness, massage and yoga, or stress management and mental health awareness. Make it easy for people to exercise and eating well at work. And highlight how to get help for stress and anxiety: men, especially, have been found to be more likely to accept support if someone else has told them to do so."